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Photo’s are now live from WORLD WAR RUN 2017

  Follow this link for all the latest photo’s from Pukka Races – WORLD WAR RUN 2017! https://leonlaymanphotography.pixieset.com/pukkaraces-wwr-2017/  All pictures are free to download and share 🙂


Are you looking to get fit for an Obstacle Race or Mud Run? Then check out this great OCR workout from Sean McNamee at Pukka Races UK! This Tabata workout consists of 8 x 20 sec exercises that are all Obstacle Race specific. You can find the full workout list at the end of the

WORLD WAR RUN – UK Championships Qualifier

We are delighted to announce that WWR – June 28th will now be a UK Championships qualifier! Both the 10 mile and 5 mile distances count so get yourself involved! Becoming a UK Championships qualifier has made us extremely proud  & taking UK OCR to new levels is what its all about! Enter WWR now

How Much Water Should We Drink?

Water is so vital to health & fitness; in fact you can only live two days without it. So many people today live dehydrated. If you’re dehydrated your concentration will drop, you will feel tired and your performance will be severely impacted. A 2% drop in hydration can equal a 10% drop in performance! As

DIABLO – The UK’s first OCR Relay

Here at Pukka Races we like to be a bit different – so we’ve created the UK’s first Obstacle Race Relay! DIABLO is an OCR designed to be HARD AS HELL! Held at Devils Pit – a notorious 4×4 off road venue in Bedfordshire, it boasts some of the steepest hills you’ll ever run up

OCRA UK – Pukka Races Become Official Members!

We are delighted to announce we’re now official members of OCRA UK! At Pukka Races joining OCRA and being part of obstacle racing’s growth into a fully governed sport was an easy decision…As well as being OCR organisers, every member of our core team is an OCR racer & has a true passion for the

Help Alexia Walk With Only Fools Ride Horses

Help Alexia Walk by running in Only Fools Ride Horses We now have a foundation attached to our OCR Only Fools Ride Horses…And we’ve chosen to help a little girl very close to the Pukka Races Family. Alexia’s is 15 months old and has Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy.  Alexia is unable to sit up unaided,

Pumpkin Workout

This Halloween why not make great use of your pumpkin and complete a workout with it! Ideally it should be a full pumpkin that you haven’t gutted and cut up. Firstly get yourself warmed up with 5 minutes of light cardio and some dynamic stretches. Your pumpkin workout will consist of 6 x 45 secs

Best Value OCR & Best OCR Swag?

**VOTE PUKKA RACES – BEST VALUE OCR & BEST OCR SWAG 2014** We’re supper chuffed as we have made it through to the final shortlists for ‘Best Event Swag’ & ‘Best Value OCR at the 2014 Mudstacle Awards! Could our medals be the best bling of 2014? And were our events the best value of

Obstacle Race Magazine – WORLD WAR RUN Review

That’s right! Pukka Races features in issue 5 of the No.1 magazine for Obstacle Course Racing! Carl Wibberley (editor) & Fay Kelly (race reviewer) came along to WORLD WAR RUN in June to review the race and absolutely loved the Pukka Races experience! The 3 page article features in issue 5 of the magazine and