Pumpkin Workout

This Halloween why not make great use of your pumpkin and complete a workout with it!

Ideally it should be a full pumpkin that you haven’t gutted and cut up.

Firstly get yourself warmed up with 5 minutes of light cardio and some dynamic stretches.

Your pumpkin workout will consist of 6 x 45 secs exercises with 15 seconds rest in between each exercise.

1.    Overhead pumpkin lunge
2.    Alternating uneven press ups (1 hand on the pumkin – 1 on the floor)
3.    Over pumpkin burpees (perform your squat thrust then jump over your pumpkin to complete the burpee)
4.    Seated torso twists with feet off the floor (tap your pumpkin each side on the floor)
5.    Pumpkin squat and press
6.    Hands on pumpkin plank

Rest for 1 minute then repeat this round 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds.

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