SUPERHEROES, ASSEMBLE! The superhero run takes you over – 25+ obstacles, tough hills, water, woodland, some Superhero challenges and plenty of surprises! Run like the flash or Hulk smash your way through… Our superheroes run is low on the mud factor, but what it lacks in mud – it makes up with pure FUN!

The course is designed and built for both adults & children to challenge themselves both physically & mentally. So, come along and experience over 25+ obstacles.

Course Information for Pukka Warriors (Ages 18 and over)

Unleash your inner hero! On the Superhero course you’ll tackle obstacles on your own or with family, friends and colleagues. This 3K, 5K & 10K race takes you over a mixture of obstacles, hills, woodland and some boot camp challenges along with plenty of surprises! This race is low on the mud factor, but what it lacks in mud – it makes up with pure FUN!

Ages from 14 – 17 can run but need to be accompanied by a paying adult guardian aged 18 or over.

Runner Rating

Superhero run is rated 4 out of 5 on the Runner Rating, so you can expect this event to include some obstacles but it will not fully test your abilities like some of our other events will. So, everyone can be a hero!

Event Layout

Come along and join our friendly neighbourhood fun run! This superhero run will entail a mixture of obstacles around the cross country equestrian course. Hills, woodland and points on the course will be sponsored by Activ8 and Colchester Bootcamp who will make sure they get you pumping around the course. The course will have multiple obstacles that you will enjoy defeating as you complete the superhero Challenge.

Pukka Little Warriors – 3K
7 – 13 Year Olds

We are excited to announce that for the first time in superheroes run , children will be able to take

Here at Pukka Races we believe that children should have the opportunity to run, jump, climb and get muddy. We’re bringing it back to the basics, studies show that the younger generation are less fit today than their parents were when they were children. Pukka Races are dedicated to making healthy the new normal for the next generation through our children’s obstacle course races. Active youth benefit from better physical health, are at lower risk of developing depression and earn higher marks than their less-active peers. Now, everyone gets the chance to be a hero!

In Association with Activ8

Activ8 Fitness Camp is a national award winning health, fitness and wellbeing company who support children and families to be the best they can be.

On the day, Activ8 Fitness Camp will be getting the children motivated to tackle the course through an energetic warm up and some tips how to breeze through the course.

Activ8 Fitness Camp will be on the course looking out for children who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills, courage, teamwork and sportsmanship. If they display these qualities they will receive a Pukka Races certificate through the post.

In Association with
Colchester Boot Camp

At GB Bootcamp, we pride ourselves on being more than just a bootcamp – we are a community. Our aim is to motivate you to become stronger, fitter and healthier, improving the condition of your body, as well as your mind. Join us and see the difference it could make to your life!

Be in on the know and join our private member Facebook group to keep up-to-date with our sessions, races and social events.

Other Partners Sponsoring This Event

The Robin Cancer Trust

The Robin Cancer Trust is the UK’s only germ cell cancer awareness charity. Through attending events, using the power of social media and delivering awareness talks, we raise awareness of testicular and ovarian cancers in young adults. Our dedicated campaigns highlight the importance of early detection, promote awareness of the signs and symptoms and tackle the ’embarrassment factor’ in young men and women.

Radio Essex

An Independent Local Radio station broadcasting to Essex, England via DAB and Mid and South Essex via FM, from studios in The Icon Building on Southend Seafront

What To Expect

Bag Drop

On-site Parking


Food & Drink


Indoor Facilities

Entrants Information

• Open to ages 7 years old and over

• Includes obstacles and boot camp

• Tickets start from just:

£18.99 for kids

£22.99 for adults

10K upgrade for an additional £5.00

Start Times

• Starting times for each distance will start at times listed below and consist of waves leaving every 30 minutes:

• 3K/5K: first wave 9:00 am then every hour

Date: TBC – Venue: Stratford Hills Farm, Ipswich Road, Stratford St Mary, Colchester, CO7 6PA – Distance: 3K/5K/10K – Terrain: Mixed Obstacles