Marshalling At Our 2020 Events

Come and be a part of the PUKKA RACES TEAM by MARSHALLING at one of our upcoming events.

Marshalling Benefits

In exchange for marshalling at one of our Pukka Race events, a FREE RACE TICKET will be issued for you to claim at a future date. (You will be unable to use your ticket at the same event your marshalling at, as we cannot guarantee Marshalls will be finished, off the course and checked out in time).

What Do I Need To Be A Marshall?

• Minimum age for marshalling is 17 years old.
• Children and pets are not permitted to accompany Marshalls.
• Course Marshalls are allocated on a Health and Safety basis.
• Event Marshalls will rotate around all areas on race-day, so you won’t necessarily be doing the same job all day. (We cannot guarantee groups or friends will be placed together).
• Pukka Marshalls need to be adaptable and flexible; you may be given a different job from the one you were originally allocated. (Volunteers are fully briefed on race day by team leaders).
• A Marshalls duty is to be motivating, helpful and able to deal with problems should they need to. We don’t expect our Marshalls to do anything they are not capable of doing. It can be a long, tough day so be prepared to be in the thick of an exciting, fast moving, demanding but exhilarating and hugely rewarding (at times MUDDY!!!!) environment.

Why We Need You

To get the best experience from the day, we need Marshalls to get stuck in and embrace the experience! You’ll have a great time and the racers will love you for it!

Yes Please, This Is For Me

If this all sounds too exciting an opportunity to miss, please do make sure you can commit to the date – check your calendar, work and childcare arrangements before pre-registering for your place. We understand emergency situations occur, but without you guys we can’t deliver the epic races we’re known for.

We 100% appreciate your commitment and support.

Please contact us with any questions.

We look forward to working alongside you